A Portrait of Bathurst Street

A Portrait of Bathurst Street is a study about a street stuck in the past. The history of immigrant communities and the scars of an ever-changing cityscape have left Bathurst forgotten and overlooked. Yet when it came to a pandemic, where stores were closed, and people were left isolated it did what it's always done, being the community channel for all the neighbourhoods it intersects and the people who call it home. I am one resident who wanted to share my perspective in this 64-page photo book of where it's been, where it's at and where it's headed.

Toronto in a Pandemic

In this project I decided to show my take on the new reality millions of Canadians and the entire population of the world are facing: a global pandemic. This series examines a time where the world has come to a standstill, life as we know it, has been paused in place because of the looming COVID-19 virus. But as with all world events, this too shall pass, and all that will be left are the memories, in a century from now when history majors study this event, as we now study the 1918 Spanish flu, which occurred over 100 years ago, people will be reminded of the severity of the current situation.

Surveillance Culture

You walk and they see.
Surveillance Culture is a seminal collection of 33 images, all which share a focus on the video devices that capture us daily, bringing to light those mass produced closed-circuit television cameras we know are everywhere but have gone blind too. Like the scent of your cat you can no longer smell, these cameras appear so conspicuous that we remove them from our gaze. And while we carry on our daily lives they witness and record.
Now it’s time to see who’s looking.


Maximum Exposure Digital Exhibition
A Portrait of Bathurst Street

Function Magazine Issue 22
A Portrait of Bathurst Street


Featured in CanCulture Magazine
Toronto in a Pandemic

Third Year Show, Apart of Me/ Apart from You
Digital Magazine
A Series of Triptychs

Work, Commerce, Justice, Politics & Media
Function Magazine/ Maximum Exposure Show
Online Exhibition p. 19

First Edition Photobook Show - Winner
Ryerson Art Space 401 Richmond St. Toronto
Surveillance Culture The Book

Review & Featured in The Photographic Historical Society of Canada
Digital Magazine p. 7


Maximum Exposure Exhibition
Ryerson School of Image Arts 122 Bond St.Toronto
Surveillance Culture

Function Magazine (2019) Edition
Olympus a Collage

Tridel® Condos
Ten York & Aquavista at Bayside


Yarden Haddi

Photo • Film • Digital

Yarden Haddi is a Toronto-based photographer. His work covers topics such as shifting landscapes, architectural design, implementation of surveillance in our daily lives and the use of the urban space. His work utilizes a mix of digital and analogue methods in whichever best fits the subject matter. He is currently concluding work on A Portrait of Bathurst Street. His recent works include Toronto in a Pandemic and Surveillance Culture.